.... the place to meet


Creating a ‘hub’ for the community of Blackboys and surrounding area was the key element of our vision for The Grove.

In recent years Blackboys has lost all it's village shops and we wanted to provide a central point for people to meet and socialise in a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment.  A place to create a community spirit, giving opportunities for people to come together around shared interests and that could also be used for village events.

We are also aware that living in a rural community can add to the feeling of  loneliness and isolation.  The Hub is a place where any individual or group can rest, feel safe and be instilled with a sense of well-being.  A place to be able to join in with other people when desired.

We are keen to be available for local groups and events so please talk to us if you have an idea or need a venue

Our regular activities are:

  • Get Crafty: 10am every Monday. Bring along your knitting, crochet, small sewing or craft project and natter while you work.
  • Elevenses with Company: 11am every Tuesday - if you don’t often get to meet other people, this is an opportunity to get together with people who live in your community and make new friends
  • Book Group: 10am every 1st Wednesday of the month.  Pick up this month’s book, discuss last month’s book and anything else you have read.
  • Happy to Chat Day: 9am to 4pm every Thursday - This activity came about from ‘Happy to Chat Benches’ (@chatbench / www.sclt.us/chat-bench) which are springing up worldwide in a bid to combat isolation and loneliness.  These benches have a notice stating that anyone sitting on it is happy for people to approach them and chat to them. Come along to The Grove on Thursdays, sit on our communal table and enjoy the company of others.  Special offers on a hot drink with cake and a two course meal for those eating communally.

Unless stated activities are free to attend but we ask that refreshments are purchased to thank The Grove for their hospitality.

Special offer:  A cup of tea/coffee and cake £3.50 for those attending activities.

For further information email: hub@thegroveblackboys.co.uk